First and foremost, we are very excited that you have chosen Your Wooden Treehouse to be a vital role in your child's early years of exploration and development. All children are unique and require individual emotional and physical needs that we promise to meet. Our desire is to not only be your child's "home away from home," but also to be a positive experience they will remember for a lifetime.

We believe strongly in the importance of creating an atmosphere to aide in the cognitive, language, physical, and creative skills that young children are developing each day. Our commitment to you and your child is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment that you feel comfortable leaving your children in.

We realize the difficulty to provide these things between careers, financial responsibilities, and complex family situations that sometimes keep us away from our little ones. Family and your child's sense of comfort and belonging is of utmost importance in your child's educational journey through life. We know there are numerous options for childcare in the area, but, we want you to understand why we are the best option for you and your family. We think it is important to know why you have chosen or, will choose us as your daycare provider. Here is a little bit of what we do, and why…

We use a proven "play-based" curriculum that promotes, emotional, physical, cognitive, and most importantly social development which is critical to your child's well being . Our program is language rich, emphasizing in pre-reading and pre-writing skills, as well as basic mathematics and hand eye coordination facilitated through recognition activities. These skills will prepare your child for elementary school without your child every knowing they have been "taught" anything. Through games, toys, story-time, art, singing, drama, exercise, proper nutrition, and field trips students will be continuously stimulated and shown how to relate to others and learn all the while, feeling that they just, "went to day care and played today."

We will provide a safe, loving, warm environment in which the children are free to develop as individuals. However, a specific curriculum will be developed with our R.ECE teachers to ensure each child's development in any area that they need extra support in. Through a variety of enriching programs, we will assist the children in their explorations in themselves and the world around them. We want them to understand social structure, family structure, and their own responsibilities in their personal environments. You will be comforted in knowing that your child is in good hands and will see a genuine change in his/her self esteem, knowledge, and general feeling of self-worth. Our staff will instill the sense of co-operation, kindness, empathy, respect and responsibility through every aspect of teaching, and you will notice definite change in your little one. Let us show you why so many governmental, child support and parent groups believe that we are the best option on the North Shore for your children. We feel that because of our dedication and commitment that this would be the right setting for your children and your family. Every child that enters our doors automatically becomes a part of our center's family, and we feel privileged to call you one of our parents.

We know the connections we create with you and your child will create a solid foundation for life-long learning, and hope that you entrust us with your "greatest gift ever," your little ones.


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