Through play-based learning and small group instruction, children develop a strong foundation for learning in all areas, including language and math, engage in healthy physical activities and the arts, and develop socially and emotionally through interaction with their peers and the educators who guide them.

Research also demonstrates that play-based learning leads to greater social, emotional, and academic success. Learning through play is supported by children. It has long been acknowledged that there is a strong link between play and learning for young children, especially in the areas of problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, numeracy, and social, physical, and emotional skills. Young children actively explore their environment and the world around them through a process of learning-based play. When children are manipulating objects, acting out roles, or experimenting with various materials, they are engaged in learning through play. It is their natural response to the environment around them.

Play allows them to actively construct, challenge, and expand their own understandings through making connections to prior experiences, thereby opening the door to new learning. Intentional play-based learning enables children to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, and engage in critical thinking. Play is responsive to each child’s unique learning style and capitalizes on his or her innate curiosity and creativity. Play-based learning supports growth in the language and culture of children and their families.

The children at Your Wooden Treehouse are involved in many different kinds of activities designed to help young learners explore, discover and grow! They will have opportunities to initiate learning and play, as well as take part in more structured play-based learning under the guidance of an Early Childhood Educator.


Explore! Investigate! Creative Thinking! Observe! Learn!

Introducing your child to child care

It can take your child a few days or a few weeks to get used to a new childcare arrangement.


Before starting care
Talk to your child about Your Wooden Treehouse and the people here. Talk to them about all the fun they'll have.

Visit our center with your child. Let your child meet the caregivers and the other children here.


On the first day
Let your child take their favorite toy, like a teddy bear or a blanket. Having something familiar is a comfort when everything else is new and strange.

Say good-bye when you are ready to leave, even if your child is playing happily. Clearly state when you will be back. Your child needs to feel certain that you will return. If you disappear without saying anything, your child may get upset.
Once you've said good-bye, keep going. Hesitating may confuse your child.
Make sure you pick up your child at the time you said you would. Your child is counting on you to return when you promised.
Greet your child warmly. At the end of the day, your child may be tearful or may simply ignore you. This is a normal part of getting used to child care.

If you can, begin care gradually. For example, on the first day, take your child for an hour or so and then leave together. Over the next few days, stay for several hours. As your child becomes more comfortable, gradually increase the time away until your child is spending the full day in care.


Finally, Welcome the Your Wooden Treehouse Family!


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