We are open Monday - Friday 6 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Infant 3-18 months Preschool 2 - 6 years
Toddler 18-30 months School Age 6 - 12 years


1. Parents must complete all registration forms, including immunization, before admission. Separate forms for each child enrolled. Any changes (ie. place of employment, address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc.) must be reported immediately.

2. A non-refundable registration fee of $100 per family payable upon registration. $50 will be credited to the first account statement when the child(ren) starts.

3. Parents must schedule their child at least two weeks in advance. This is necessary to maintain staff to children ratios, if you do not schedule we may not be able to accept your child.

4. Minimum of 2 full days per week or 3 half days.


Childcare fees are due, in advance, no later than, the 1st and 15th of each month as per the following rates. Outstanding balances will be charged a $10.00 late payment fee following every billing period.


Infant / Toddler / Preschool / School Age
Full Day (max. 10 hrs.)* $47.50 $42.50 $39.50 $38.00
Half Day (max. 5 hrs.) ** $37.50 $32.50 $29.50 $28.00



Before & After school Rates
Drop off before 7am: $12.00
Drop off after 7am: $10.00

Pick up after 5pm: $12.00

Pick up before 5pm: $10.00


* Attendance in excess of 10 hours will be charged $5.00/ hour for all age groups.
*Half days are limited to morning (end @ 12:00) and afternoon (begin @ 11:30) program only, including lunch.
*Family Rates only apply when both children are inattendance on the same day.

* A fee of $25.00 will be charged to all NSF cheques.

*Income Tax receipts will be issued by the end of February for the previous year. Only the amount paid during that year will be on the receipt.



A waiting list will be formed when full enrollment has been reached in each room. Your Wooden Treehouse maintains two waiting lists, one for full tome and one for part time spots. Part time must meet our minimum requirements of two full days or three half days per week. Depending on what is available and in which room is requested we will decide which wait list you will be put on. There is no cost to be on the waiting list. Each spot will be designated a number, one being first. Privacy will be maintained by not revealing the names of others on the waiting list. Your Wooden Treehouse will contact you via phone and provide your number on the list to help you better understand when a spot for your child is available.


Priority: Families who are currently enrolled in Your Wooden Treehouse and require care for new children will take priority over new comers.

Fulltime children (Monday to Friday) will take priority over part time children.

If a spot is available immediately you will not be required to go on the waiting list, in this case a registration form will be provided and our registration process, including fee, must be completed.



Full Time Children (5 days per week) 2 days per month.

Part time children (less than 5 days per week) have NO sick day allowance.
Parents must call before scheduled arrival time to be credited for a sick day. The child must be in attendance for the entire month, with no vacation time, to be allowed credit.

Part Time Children (less than 5 days per week) NO sick day allowance will be given.



Parents are to submit in writing to the center a minimum of two weeks notice of withdrawal of a child. Less than two weeks notice, parents will pay the balance in child care fees.

This Centre reserves the right to terminate a child from our program for non-payment of fees, persistent unsafe behavior, breakdown of communication between childcare center and parent/guardian, immediately or with notice on the approval of two of the following; staff, supervisor and operator.


Parents are required to provide a complete change of (seasonal) clothing, clearly labeled with the child’s name and is to be kept in child's locker. Shoes or non- slip slippers are to be worn inside at all times.



Parents are required to call if a later than scheduled pick up time is anticipated. Late fee is $5.00 per 30 minutes, or part thereof per child. After 6p.m. pickup (without notice $10.00).

These fees are not covered by subsidy program and will be the responsibility of parents; the fees will be added to the next ccount statement.


"Child Care Early Years Act" advises that all Centers not accept a sick child into their center. If your child has an infectious illness, (measles, chicken pox, pink eye, etc.) parents must find other means of care for your child. If your child becomes ill during the day, temporary care will be given to the child until parents or guardian are able to pick up the child. Parents will be notified immediately when the child has vomited, diarrhea, or fever over 101*F and removal of the child will be necessary and a period of 24 hours, with no symptoms, before child can return to day care.


1. The Center will administer prescribed medication when it is required during program hours.

2. A physician must prescribe all prescription medication.

3. Any over the counter medication required for the child's well being will need to be accompanied by a doctors written note.

4. Medication will be administered to a child only from the original container. The container must be clearly labeled with the child's name, name of medication, the date of purchase, and instructions for storage, and administration.

5. Parents must complete a Medical Authorization Form indicating the times the medication is to be given, as well as the dosage.

6. Medication will be stored in a locked box and will inaccessible to children.

7. If a child develops a fever of 101F or higher the parent or emergency contact will be contacted for the removal of the child.



All Epi-pen use will be addressed by the Supervisor upom registration in accordance with the anaphlactic policy in place at the centre.



Infants under 12 months will be put to nap on their back in accordance with the "Joint Statement on Safe Sleep" Toddlers and preschoolers are offered a 2 hour window, between 12-2 to nap on a designated cot. Blankets must be provided by parentss by parents. Any modification to a childs nap time will be addressed by parents to classroom teachers.


Allowances will be made for Vacation time (weeks or days), notice must be given, in writing, at least two weeks in advance, absences in excess of 2 weeks require re-enrolment upon return. (at the discretion of the Supervisor)

The Centre will be CLOSED for the following Observed / Statutory Holidays:

New Year’s Day Good Friday Victoria Day Family Day Canada Day
*Easter Monday Labour Day Thanksgiving *Civic Holiday Christmas Day
Boxing Day        

Parents are required to escort their child to and from the center, sign the child in and out on the daily attendance sheet and inform staff of any changes in child’s normal routine. Children will not be released to anyone but the parent unless previous notice given to staff, first and last name of person picking up child must be given in writing.

Schedules are to be given and observed accordingly.


In the case of a fire, where the center must be evacuated, all staff and children would proceed to Mini Mart(BR), Tim Hortons(EM).

In the case of a power outage and essential services cannot be maintained (heat in winter, running water); parents will be notified of the need to pick up their children.



Please do not send any toys from home with your child. If a special comfort toy is required for sleeping, this will be allowed; but it will remain put away until rest time. Your Wooden Treehouse Daycare assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or broken toys from home.


The safety of our children at Your Wooden Tree House Child Care Centre are our highest priority, however, serious occurrences can still take place. Effective November 1, 2011 the Canadian Government introduced a new policy that requires licensed childcare providers to post information about serious occurrences that happen at a center in a visible location for 10 business days. Our posting, should a serious occurrence occur will include whether it was:
1) Serious injury to a child.
2) Fire or other disaster on site.
3) Complaint about service standards. It will also state information about the incident, outline follow up actions taken and outcomes, while still respecting the privacy of the individuals involved.


The Centre provides morning and afternoon snacks.
Breakfast is available daily from 7:30 until 8 a.m.
Toast, cereal and water or milk.

Lunch is served daily for all age groups @ 11:30 a.m.
Menus are posted in the kitchen. Special needs will need to be discussed with staff upon registration.


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